Cross construction rehabilitation table SRK-RH

Cross construction rehabilitation table SRK-RH

2-section table for massage and rehabilitation

Produkt Price 3 675,00 PLN

Produkt Description

SRK-RH cross construction rehabilitation tables with height-adjustable rest can be used both in the closed care wards as well as in private rehabilitation clinics. They are used in individual kinesiotherapy. They are standard equipment for the UGUL cab and optional PUR cabs. They can also be used as an independent rehabilitation stand. Rehabilitation tables provide the opportunity to perform passive, active exercises, redress, manipulation; in patients with orthopedic, neurological, rheumatic disorders, etc.


  • 2 section table for massage and rehabilitation,
  • high durable frame (RAL-colors),
  • comfortable adjustment of the head section by the special spring mechanism
    (from -60 to 60 degrees), spring mechanism allow to put the big load on the headsection (patient can sit on that section),
  • standard a cut-away for nose,
  • durable, hygenic and washable upholstery available in several colours,
  • hydraulick jack height adjustment,
  • non-slip buttress and 4 wheels – easy to move when needed.
Bars Bars allows to fastening the stablilization belts, 129,63 8% 140,00
Chair option Back section adjustable from 0 to 85 degrees – telescopic mechanism 407,41 8% 440,00
Chair option – gas spring Back section adjustable from 0 to 85 degrees – gas spring 712,96 8% 770,00
3 pieces headsection Headsection with two adjustable elbow-rest 185,19 8% 200,00
Paper sheets handle Paper sheets handle 152,78 8% 165,00
Blind stopper for headsection Blind stopper for the cut-away for nose 69,44 8% 75,00
Cut-away In leg section Cut-away with bar to fasten the stabilisation belts in leg section 101,85 8% 110,00
Blind stoper for leg section Blind stopper for the cut-away in leg section 120,37 8% 130,00
Frame color Different color of the metal structure in the table (RAL) 203,70 8% 220,00


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ATTENTION! The table visible in the picture i a visualisation of the model and may include equipment addittionaly payable.

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